Top 5 Tips for storing dry spices and herbs

We’re sure that all of you would agree if we’d say that Herbs and Spices are magic ingredients which help add flavor to all favorite dishes, but of course, keeping in mind that they are used fresh.

Now, to help preserve the freshness of these herbs and spices here are a few guidelines, and as a bonus to our wonderful readers, some fantastic ideas to keep them organized to help save time in the kitchen..

Tip 1 : Maintain Freshness

Since Herbs and Spices lose their potency and flavor as time progresses, they are best to be stored in airtight containers, which help keep out oxygen and moisture, these are found to be the top 2 things that can steal the flavor. It is observed that whole spices stored in an airtight container stay fresh for about 4 years or more, and ground spices for about 2 years or more. The best way to maintain freshness would be to buy whole spices and grind them using a coffee grinder.

Tip 2: Monitor Proper use

Do not sprinkle the herbs and spices directly from the bottle to the cookpot, the moisture may hasten the flavor loss and could end in caking. Instead, measure them into a Bowl or a cup and then add them to your recipe.

Tip 3: Mark a proper location

Storing spices above a stove or a countertop is a big mistake often made by everyone. Instead, make sure that your upper cabinet is away from the stovetop or microwave or even store them away in a kitchen drawer in a protected area.

Note: Paprika and Chilli powder maintains its freshness and its color longer when stored in a refrigerator.

Tip 4: Manage the organizers

Making time to choose tiered organizers where all the spice labels are easy to read can help you get the spice you need quickly and Keeping all the spices that you need for the recipe together before you cook can save you even more time.

Tip 5: Mapping out 

Testing the freshness of the spice is also very important, where you look at the color and crush a little in your hand to check the aroma and flavor. If the color and the smell are weak, then it is time to throw it away.



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