6 DIY Earth-Saving Kitchen Tips

  1. Prefer organic to other products. Organic Fruits and veggies are grown without using pesticides or fertilizers with synthetic ingredients and without irradiation, the seeds and transplants are chemical-free, and the fertilizer is natural. Organic practices foster cycling of resources, ecological balance, and biodiversity. Basically, this ensures a happy planet.
  2. Avoid ‘Overbuy’. Planning meals carefully and only buying what you need reduces waste (and saves money!).
  3. Create Compost. Composting lets your kitchen scraps to be transformed into nutritious soil rather than rotting in landfills and releasing excess methane. Turning your trash into food for your flowers and herbs is pretty darn fun, try it out and you’ll find the difference;
  4. Use reusable kitchen bags. Reusable kitchen bags help cut down disposable waste.
  5. Substitute rags for paper towels. Using cloth rags multiple times instead of paper towels, is environmentally friendly in the long run.
  6. Choose to Eat vegetables. It’s a widely accepted fact that eating more vegetables has less toll on the environment since it uses less resources overall than eating meat. So, let the Earth-saving begin!

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